WISEST:  Women in Scholarship, Engineering, Science & Technology is a unit of the University of Alberta that has dedicated over 30 years to empowering women in the fields of science, engineering and technology.

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2015 Choices Conference - Registration is Open!

Teachers and Administrators within eligible school districts can now begin registering their Grade 6 girls for our February 17-18th Choices Conference. Learn more about this program and how to register here.

WISEST is Seeking a Co-Chair

We are thrilled that our Chair, Denise Hemmings, will be continuing on with WISEST.  However, we are now seeking a Co-Chair to work with Denise and to step into an exciting leadership role!  Learn more about our Advisory Board and what a leadership role with WISEST would look like here.  Interested individuals can email denise.hemmings@ualberta.ca

View the 2014 WISEST Journal of Student Research

Our 2014 Journal of Student Research is available to view here.  Check out the amazing research work conducted by 40 grade 11 students this past July and August.


  1. Gladstone Lends Expertise to NASA

    October 22 2014

    UofA's Jeanette Gladstone discusses her knowledge of ultraluminous X-ray sources and neutron stars with NASA to support announcement of a new discovery.

  2. Klawe speaks at WISEST's Annual Lecture

    June 12 2014

    Dr. Maria Klawe, President of Harvey Mudd College, shares her success at WISEST's May 29th Annual Lecture and Inaugural Symposium.

  3. Margaret-Ann Armour waxes philosophical

    March 16 2014

    In an inspiring interview, Margaret-Ann Armour shares her insights.

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