Donate Online

You have the option to direct your donation to a specific program or component of WISEST.

After reading the following instructions, please click here to be directed to the secure online donation page.(refer to the blue arrows in the screen shots to help you out)

1. Please fill in the required information.

2. Click on the "An area not listed (please fill out the information below)" button. 

3. Click on the "+" beside "Would you like to direct your gift to an area not listed?" This will open a box where you can type in WISEST. If you would like to direct your donation to a specific component of WISEST, please also include the name of the program you would like your gift directed to in the space provided.

4. Click the save and continue near the bottom of the page. Please fill in the required information on the next pages.

Your donation may be directed to:

Fund for the Future

SET Program

Summer Research Program

Margaret-Ann Armour Endowment Fund for Rural WISEST Students

Tales from the Science Buffalo and Aboriginal Outreach



Annual Golf Tournament

Please contact WISEST at 780 492-1842 or if you wish to finalize arrangements or to request further details.