Becoming a Supervisor

Interested in becoming a Supervisor? Read below for some additional important details and submit a Supervisor proposal by clicking on the link at the top of the right-hand column:

Time Commitment

The WISEST Summer Research Program runs for 6 weeks in July and August.  WISEST asks all of our students to be 100% committed during this time and we ask that research teams ensure that they are also 100% committed to their WISEST student researcher.  This means ensuring that someone is always available to supervise and mentor your student throughout his or her work term.


All student researches will have completed WHIMIS and Biosafety training prior to beginning their work term.  Even if this training is not applicable to your research we require all students to complete this because they will be touring other facilities and labs.  All site specific safety training is the responsibility of the research team and WISEST will work with you and EH&S to ensure that all safety requirements are met.  WISEST also has a detailed emergency response procedure that it shares with all Supervisors. 

Field Work

WISEST students are permitted to conduct field work provided that Supervisors communicate field activity through our Field Activity Communication Plan procedures and ensure that all students are accompanied by a Supervisor of the same gender whenever off-campus. 

What to Expect from your WISEST Student Researcher

Please keep in mind that the Student Researchers are not equivalent to graduate students or technicians, but they can contribute to on-going research in the lab, be a positive and inspiring presence in the research group, and in turn be encouraged to pursue their interests in fields where they may have had little exposure to role models.  Sometimes students can start off a bit shy but often as their understanding of research and experience increases they will become a more confident and self-assured individual.  Seeing and contributing to this transformation is a very rewarding experience for Supervisors!

For more information be sure to read our Supervisor FAQs and see the links in the right-hand column.

*Online Supervisor proposals will open on March 5, 2018. If you have any questions about becoming a Supervisor for the Summer Research Program, please contact Fervone Goings at*


Become a Supervisor

Online Supervisor proposals will open on March 5, 2018. If you have any questions about becoming a Supervisor for the Summer Research Program, please contact Fervone Goings at

Once you submit a proposal, WISEST will contact you to discuss details and see if your project would be a good fit for a student researcher.

Important Links

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Comments from previous supervisors

“It was really a pleasure having two WISEST students. Both were willing to work hard but also had enthusiasm in what we were doing. They asked a lot of questions, some tougher than expected, which allowed us to learn as much from them as they did from us.”


“Yet another excellent WISEST student! I feel so fortunate to be a part of this program!”


“The WISEST experience is helping our lab shape our research teaching practices.”


"It's nice to have that new perspective in the lab.  And they also usually bring lots of enthusiasm and a different way of looking at our work."


Three Summer Research Program participants in boots and hard hats.