Tales from the Science Buffalo

A series of interactive classroom presentations with engaging science activities that honour Aboriginal Ways of Knowing and introduce careers in the Sciences.

Inspired by the saying "Education is the new buffalo" (as supported by University of Manitoba professor, Blair Stonechild's book The New Buffalo). Each of our visits is a chapter in a book of tales that engages students in the interface between Indigenous Ways of Knowing and Western Science and gives them an opportunity to explore their gifts in the sciences. 

Participant Testimonials

"I loved it! WISEST is the funnest part of school!" 

"It was scientific but also life-changing."

"I learned that we can do or be anything we want no matter what."

"Everything was completely AWESOME!!"

"I liked it because there was lots of activity."

"I like science even more now."

"I love how we can participate so much."

"I really appreciated that you incorporated the students' cultural backgrounds into the lessons and presentations." (teacher in Fort Chipewyan)



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