WISER (Women in Science, Engineering & Research)

Various events hosted by WISER

WISER is a sub-community of WISEST aimed at serving the needs of early-career professionals.

The WISER Network is designed to connect early-career women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) with each other and with the information, resources, support, and professional development opportunities they require to advance in their careers.


WISER members are from academia, industry, and government roles at any stage of their careers in STEM fields.

WISER welcomes both mentors at advanced stages of their careers and mentees who are at the early-career stages.

WISER has “Mentor in Residence” volunteers who are more advanced in their careers and are prepared to offer mentoring.

WISER activities are overseen by the WISER Executive Committee.


Information sessions, discussions groups, networking activities, and professional development workshops for the WISER community are to be planned monthly. The topics of these sessions are to be decided in discussions with the members of the WISER community to determine the needs and critical issues. WISER executive will then decide, organize, and execute the chosen activities.

Comments from WISER Members

“Why I am excited to be a part of WISER? It is an excellent way to meet people, network, explore career opportunities and gain leadership experience. [At my first event] I was met with a very friendly and welcoming group of people … I was impressed with how much I learnt” – Leola Chow, PhD

"As a local entrepreneur in the field of engineering and science, joining the WISER Network has been a very wise choice. The events organized by WISER provide excellent resources for budding professionals in technological fields and a dynamic networking environment. I have made wonderful contacts and been able to share my experiences as a mentor to talented, motivated students who are keen to make a difference." – Shohini Bagchee, P. Eng.

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To support career advancement and retention of women in STEM through networking, interactions with peers and mentors, information exchange, and professional development activities.

Contact Information

Website: wiseredmonton.ca
Email: wiser[at]ualberta.ca




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