Set your interest in Information Technology ablaze!

Girls programming a robot

BlazeIT is a 2-day session that includes:

IT Awareness

You will be introduced to various IT careers and will even take on the role of an IT professional to help come up with a way that robots can solve one of the eight U.N. Millennium Development Goals.


In teams, you will build your Lego Mindstorms robot and then program it to perform specific challenges.  

Digital Citizenship

In an interactive discussion on cyberbullying and internet safety, you will have an opportunity to gain awareness on what it means to be a good digital citizen.

Click here to see videos from the BlazeIT Pilot test!


*Please note: To cover travel expenses, BlazeIT prices are pro-rated based on your distance (up to 399km one way) from the University of Alberta. 
Please see the registration form for more information.

From $40 per participant*


Read about BlazeIT on The Girl Guides of Canada Blog

Share of Responsibilities

WISEST provides:

  • all computers & software
  • all robots
  • a projector
  • an enthusiastic instructor!

You provide:

  • sleeping arrangements for participants
  • food for participants
  • space with:
    • tables for 30 participants
    • a screen or white wall to project upon
    • 2 power outlets 
  • supervision
  • Up to 30 enthusiastic participants!

A Lego robot