Post Conference Comments

Comments from past SET Conference participants:

"SET was a very good experience, and has widened my horizon on what I might want to do when I finish high school."

"I really like this program and conference and will definitely apply for the summer WISEST program. My second activity I found very useful because I never though of going into a science, I really only considered engineering. Today at the SET Conference I learned that I'd be really interested into going into computer science, or at least computer science in the WISEST program during the summer."

"I thought that the SET Conference was a great way for me to learn about other options I may have and the conference made me feel more comfortable with univeristy and make a lot of new friends."

"It was a great way to spend my saturday! I made sure I didn't work specifically for this. I'll also be telling my friends about the great experience they missed out on."

"The most valuable experience was talking to the role models in the networking session. A good chance to see where we can end up with our degrees."

"I think this conference is an excellent exposition to the university world. I find I am much more relaxed after talking with some students."

"I am glad I came alone this allowed me to talk to the teachers first hand instad of staying in my friend group. The volunteers were very helpful and helped with all the questions I had."