There are many opportunities for teachers to become involved in WISEST Programs. The benefits to you and your students are fantastic. WISEST also has various other opportunities for students throughout the year, sign up to receive our monthly electronic newsletter to stay up to date with current offerings. Click on the links below to learn more about each program.

Choices Conference

February (1 of 2 days)
600 female Grade 6 students per year plus their teachers
Your role: register and then accompany your students to the Conference.

Tales from the Science Buffalo

6-10 visits throughout the school year
Grade 6 (Aboriginal communities)
Your role: email wisest@ualberta.ca if you're interested

SET Conference

November (1 day)
200 female High School students per year
Your role: recommend the Conference to your students.

Summer Research Program

July-August (6 weeks)
40 grade 11 students, primarily female
Your role: To recommend the Program to your students and write letters of reference for those students you feel would benefit most from participation and who meet the requirements.

Please use the Teacher Reference 2017 template to complete your references.

Please read this Teacher_Information_Letter-2017 for more information.

Please Note:  WISEST does not participate in the “Off-Campus Education Program”.

Teacher Appreciation Day

August 16, 2017

As a special thank you for referring students to the Summer Research Program, teachers are invited to spend a day on campus. The day includes great food, lectures and activities tailored to high school math, science and technology teachers, and a chance to learn more about the WISEST Student Research experience. If you would like to be included on the invite list for 2017, please send your contact details to wisest@ualberta.ca with the subject line 'Teacher Appreciation Day 2017'.

Why should I encourage my students to attend WISEST Programs?

Students in Grade Six to Nine
possess a zest for learning and exploration that are nurtured in Choices, Meet a Mentor, and Tales from the Science Buffalo.

For young people, this is a key time to ensure that interest in science and engineering is encouraged and supported.

High School Students
are facing some very difficult choices about what fields are available to them and what career paths they are interested in following. 

The Summer Research Program and SET Conference encourage them to explore their interests and think about what paths they want to follow.