University of Alberta - Women in Science and Engineering

UA-WiSE is an ongoing learning and support group for all women in the fields of science and engineering.

Meetings and events are attended by undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral UA-WiSE logofellows, academic and technical staff from the university. Students and staff from other post secondary institutions and high schools and women in industry are also very welcome.

The events and format of the events changes from year to year, depending on the decisions by the executive and committee members. Events often begin with informal suppers and include:

  • An open house at the start of the year
  • A mixer with graduate students
  • Talks from women scientists engineers, faculty, or government employees
  • Panel discussions
  • A job search seminar with CAPs and Engineering Co-op


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Current Executive

Co-chair: Sol Herrera
Co-chair: Preeti Kuttikat
Event Coordinator: Shivani Upadhyaya 
Publicity Coordinator: Kim Wu
Treasurer: Kim Nguyen
Volunteer: Charlotte Chan
Coordinator Secretary: Vacant


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