volunteers at WISEST

Pass on your passion! 

Thank you so much for your interest in volunteering with with WISEST. Our unique programs and initiatives are facilitated by the hard work and dedication of over 600 volunteers per year.

If you are interested in strengthening science and society through diversity, there are volunteer opportunities available throughout the year:




 Volunteer Opportunities



Choices Conference


A one day experience for grade 6 girls to explore science, engineering and technology


Scientific Activity Leader, Campus Ambassador, General Volunteer

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Annual Lectureship and Symposium


An event intended to bring together the voices of women involved in raising the awareness of the importance and value of diversity in all science, engineering and technology fields


Committee Member, General volunteer

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Annual Golf Tournament


An annual golf tournament and silent auction coordinated by a group of dedicated volunteers to raise funds for WISEST


Committee Member, General Volunteer, Science Activity Leader, WISEST Ambassador

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Summer Research Program


A six week work experience for grade 11 students to explore science, engineering and technology fields in a research environment at the U of A, enhanced by numerous professional development opportunities


Direct Supervisor or Principal Investigator, Role Model, Lab Tour Leader

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SET Conference 


A one day conference for grade 10-12 girls to learn about what an education and career in science, engineering and technology can offer


Lab Activity Leader, Role Model, Student Group Leader, General Volunteer

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Throughout the Year




A unique initiative that is designed to utilize the power of technology to bring science, engineering and technology to rural students


Program Presenters, Content Producers

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Advisory Board and Committees


WISEST has various opportunities on its Advisory Board and numerous volunteer committees, which act under the direction of the Advisory Board


Advisory Board Member, Program Committee Member, Communication Committee Member, Golf Committee Member

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WISEST Networks


WISEST has two networks - UA-WiSE, an Undergraduate organization and WISER, an organization that supports early career women in STEM fields


Executive Member, Guest Speaker, General Volunteer

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